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You can submit to the Chairman’s Award of Excellence (CAE) through the link below:

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What is MB CAE?

Chairman’s Award of Excellence (CAE) is an initiative designed to acknowledge, celebrate and reward excellence in the MB Group of Companies worldwide. It is founded on the premise that acknowledging and properly rewarding excellence is an effective way of motivating employees and enhancing the ‘excellence’ culture.


What are the Objectives of CAE?

  • Encouraging creativity and innovation leading to competitive edge and exceptional business performance.
  • Facilitating best practice sharing & exchange within the Group.
  • Enhancing the culture of excellence, recognizing and celebrating it.
  • Strengthening the 1-MB Group identity.


What does the CAE celebrate?

In the CAE, projects are competing for the first place within their categories. Although there are specific winners who will be determined by the panels, we are celebrating all participations in the CAE.


What are the categories of the CAE?

In this 4th version of CAE, we have decided to change the categories a little bit than the first 3 versions run earlier. It is more of tweaking than a change. The new categories are:

  • Performance $ / Time
  • Process Improvement
  • Digitalization / Technology
  • Business Support
  • Environment




1- Performance $ / Time

For projects which contribute positively to the performance of the company in terms of cash or in terms of manhours saved. Examples: New product development, new contracts, reduced completion times, etc.

2- Process Improvement

For projects which introduce or improve existing processes, leading to tangible benefits in how the organization operates. Examples: Process which eliminates faults in production, a new hiring or onboarding processes, a new process for finance approval.

3- Digitalization / Technology

For projects which introduce new technologies into the business or improve existing technologies. For example: Digitalization of existing process, the introduction of a new application, or the introduction of technical technology which will be used in the organization.

4- Business Support

For projects which support the business in ways outside of tangible cash or manhours. Examples: the introduction of a new type of reporting, utilizing a global framework to help the company, a partnership with a government office which provides non-cash benefits to the business, successful marking or talent campaign.

5-  Environment

For projects which either reduce the environmental impact of the business on the world around it or which provide a benefit to the natural environment around us. Examples: Introducing Renewable Energy Initiatives, addition of more environmentally-friendly processes or equipment, introducing a method to utilize the waste produced by the business.

How the evaluation will be done for 4th CAE?

There will be two panels and staff voting. All submitted projects will be presented to the first panel. Those projects which pass the first panel will go to the second panel, provided that they are within the capacity of the second panel. The second panel capacity will be decided based on the number of submitted projects. The second panel will choose the top 3 projects within each category. After the two panels, there will be a round of staff voting, where each employee will be given a vote to select his/her preferred project.


What is the timeline of the CAE?

The CAE will take place in four main phases starting on June 15 and ending in October

How can we submit our projects?

There will be a link sent via MB Broadcast leading to the CAE application. Via this link, you can fill in the project information, upload videos and submit them to enter the competition.


Do we have to submit videos?

Yes, you need to record yourself talking about the project and explaining it. We expect every applicant to record themselves using their mobile devices. Then you need to upload that video to the CAE application along with other basic project information. This should be simple and easy. The objective is to overcome the communication barriers for the panel to understand your project.


Will we have to present to the panels?

Yes, you will be given a chance to present to the panel. They will see your recorded video before your meeting day with them, so they can prepare for any inquiries they might have. Moreover, if they needed more information about your project based on your recorded video, then you will be notified prior to your meeting. This way, you get the best chance to present your project to the panel within the presentation time limit.


Will we be asked to record ourselves again after the first video?

This is optional. This time MB Communication team can help you with the best way to record a brief about your project considering the elements you will be asked about in the second panel. There is no need to record yourself after the second panel.


Is there a limit on the number of projects that we can submit?

No, as long as your project is completed within Jan 2019 – Dec 2021, you can submit that for CAE.


How will projects win?

The CAE competition is based on a scoring system. For example:

  • First Panel can grant each project 30 points
  • Second Panel can grant each project 40 points
  • Staff voting can grant each category 30 points

Therefore, the projects with the highest points in their category will be the winner.


What will the First Panel evaluate?

The panels will consist of staff members from the MB Group. The panel might call an extra member if they deem required. There are 3 main elements they will base their evaluation on:

  • The idea of the project: its creativity, uniqueness, or density.
  • The Complexity of the project: how difficult it was to work on the project and what challenges the project team faced.
  • The Implementation of the project: the amount of work done, the professionalism, the size of the cope implemented, and the innovative methods used in the implementation.
  • Another strong point of the project: (Optional) if the project is the first of its kind in MB Group, projects that have been adopted from previous CAE projects, Inter-company projects, etc.. will be at the discretion of the panel to grant.

Therefore, in your first video that you will record for your project submission, make sure to cover the three above points.


Will we have the chance to improve our submission for the Second Panel?

Yes, there is a good 2 – 4 weeks period from First Panel and Second Panel, you can improve your submission during this time.











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